Roll 10: The Koolest Tour (North Carolina) [Part 2]

Can’t just stop at the top 10 pictures. 

facebook for The Koolest | facebook for 1F2L Entertainment

posted on 09 / 13
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Roll 10: The Koolest Tour (North Carolina) [Part 1]

Recently, local group The Koolest went on a journey throughout the great North Carolina, and what did they want to bring along with them? But a disposable camera of course!

Documenting their tour through a grainy lens, The Koolest went around and destroyed North Carolina, one venue at a time. So great to have them support Momentary Comfort! 

facebook for The Koolest | facebook for 1F2L Entertainment

posted on 09 / 13
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Roll 9: Summer of UNC (Chapel Hill, NC)

In honor of school starting (and the lack of recent posts), here is a roll from over the summer at UNC. This is the first camera left ON campus, and I’m super excited about this upcoming year and the pictures to come now that so many people are back on campus! 

posted on 08 / 26
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Roll 8: House Beer (Columbus, Ohio)

A camera was put in House Beer, a fancy fancy bar, a few weeks ago and was recently picked up and developed! This is the first roll that was entirely indoors (low lighting, nonetheless!) And it produced some really really cool shots. 

Mostly all people action shots, and everyone is having a good time. 

Feel free to check out House Beer’s facebook page!

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Roll 7: Carrboro, NC (part 2)

whoops. late. More pictures from Weaver Street Market! I’m a big fan of the mix of selfies, and fun dancing action shots!

posted on 07 / 30
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Roll 7: Carrboro, NC (part 1)

Carrboro is a just a vat of culture and interesting people, and this roll (hopefully) shows this. This camera was placed near their downtown area to ensure good traffic and even better people. 

Something to notice in this roll: the set in the middle has the same people in daylight AND THEN AGAIN AT NIGHT. i love that so much. 

posted on 07 / 27
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Momentary Comfort in the News!


I’m sure most people have seen this by now, but I just realized that I never posted it on tumblr. In case you didn’t see it, Momentary Comfort was covered by The Columbus Dispatch! They did a great profile on the project, and now the opportunities are endless. 

if you want to help the project out in any way, let me know and i’ll see what we can do! (, or through the facebook page)

posted on 07 / 18

Roll 6: Glean, Columbus OH

This is the first roll developed taken from a shop, and I couldn’t be happier to have it from Glean. Glean is a shop in Columbus that focuses on repurposed art, and you can easily find the coolest things there.

The owner, Dawn, is nothing short of amazing and has helped me get this project to where it is today, and beyond. It’s so incredible to see this flourish to what it is (even under 2 months old!) and it is largely in part of Dawn’s help and advice. 

Check out Glean’s facebook page here!

posted on 07 / 17
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ROLL 5: Columbus, Ohio (part 2)

more columbus goodness. something happened with this camera and I think the lens got smudged, so everything has this great soft focus to it. 

Part 1 of Columbus, OH (Roll 5)

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ROLL 5: Columbus, Ohio (part 1)

Recently I had a week stay in Columbus, OH and while a couple of cameras were stolen, I also had plenty of fantastic pictures. These were taken in multiple locations over the course of a few days. 

Nothing is more exciting that seeing people of another city embrace a project like this.

PLOT TWIST: more pictures from Columbus will be popping up over the next few weeks, with big things happening soon. 

Part 2 of Columbus, OH (Roll 5)

posted on 07 / 15
#columbus #whetstone #short north #disposable camera #35mm #kodak